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LV Energy Systems LLC is the manufacturer of Luminetworx™ PoE LED Lighting. 70% reduction in install labor. 50% less copper required to install.

LV Energy Systems is also at the forefront of building automation technologies. Our building automation system is a groundbreaking B.A.S that treats the facility or city as a whole system.

Let’s Make
the Planet Cleaner

Our Services

As an energy conservation technology company we manufacture, distribute and consult in the installation and design of critical infrastructure.

Our Latest Projects

We consult and supply products for many projects internationally. We work on projects ranging from energy consultancy, large scale solar installations, smart city management and PoE LED lighting build outs.

About Company

LV Energy Systems, an energy cost reduction company, manufactures and distributes cutting-edge disruptive technologies in the energy sector.  Our Commercial Solar solutions will help your organization save big on soaring energy costs.

At LV Energy Systems,  “being-green” is our number one priority – though we’ve been taking a different approach.  While the sun represents a tremendous resource for alternative energy, we  understand that it is not always a viable solution. And while developers in the solar industry continue to develop better panels to capture more rays, we’ve been spending our time developing a way to reduce consumption all together.  Let’s face it – even the finest PV panels are only supplementing the grid.  LV has been hard at work developing technologies to reduce grid reliance permanently with considerable savings.

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poe lighting

Why Choose Us

LV Energy keeps your projects on time and more importantly on budget. Our industry leading team of professionals ensure that every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

LV Energy Systems, groundbreaking smart city and building automation system has the capabilities to manage every and any utility.

Complete building automation system management of every system at every moment. Our state of the art technology can watch over all your systems.

Vendor agnostic, B.A.S cares not what manufacturer made your systems. Our building automation system can monitor and manage any all vendors / systems.

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Individual approach to the client

When you engage LV Energy Systems we assign a full team of industry experts to your project. Ensuring that your project is kept on task and on budget. All the while keep you the client informed of every development surrounding your project.

High level of service

LV Energy Systems strives to delivery on time all the time service. Our team of skilled engineers and designers can ensure that your project is on time and on budget.

Fast delivery times

Luminetworx PoE Lighting is available for immediate delivery. We maintain inventory un the US and internationally for rapid deployment of your projects. Our revolutionary reseller tools allow you to estimate with ease and speed.

Our B.A.S has been built in such a way that any electrician, low voltage tech or maintenance engineer can  easily and rapidly deploy the system.

Client Testimonials

Here are a few words from some recent clients. They are happy to share their experiences and insight into our service and support.

Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

Nowadays, with the amount of plastic in our oceans, we question the health of our planet. For it is becoming increasingly concerning. Environmental issues such as water contamination affect us daily. Let’s not forget pollution, and climate change. Because all are well known. Moreover this awareness is causing us to be more cautious. Especially to prevent any further damage to the Earth. You may not think  that you, as an individual, can do too much for the health of the planet. Yet your small actions will actually make a big difference.

Latest news

Find the latest BLOG posts from LV Energy Systems, we list relevant industry articles containing industry leading articles and news.

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Luminetworx Lighting Scenes

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