building automation system

LV Energy Systems Building Automation System includes simultaneous accessibility from multiple connections. Why is this so important? Flexibility, and lots of it! Our technology architecture is truly unique in the industry, allowing connection from within your facility or a remote location using a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone to view or control your systems via our cloud platform. Our cloud platform can utilize our Cloud Suite, and can simultaneously be integrated with any of your existing building systems that supports the commercial industry standards like BACnet environment and many more. 

Commercial building owners and managers continually struggle with thebuilding automation system complications of managing comfort and optimizing utility savings. Simple schedulingcommercial lockoutsset point restrictions and global access features make it easy to save time, money and energy with LV Energy Systems building automation solution. You can even schedule your parking lot lights, signage and many other items with the many available system integrations. 

For existing buildings, any of our integrations will work for you. Let us help you decide which of our technologies is best for your application. With many available options like HVAC, Fire, PoE Lighting, Power management  solutions, there’s lots of options. The LV Energy Systems building automation system can work ‘stand-alone’ as complete solutions, or be integrated into third party building automation systems.

If you’re leasing a building, the ability to take it with you when your business location changes can be a real advantage. Choose from our NetSense360™  line of controls available for all your needs.

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