The luminetworx™ Smart Pole support all kinds of unrelated PoE technology to be attached to different parts of the pole, resulting in a solution with high energy efficiency.​

As a matter of fact our PoE Smart Pole solution is an integrated light pole powered by Luminetwprx™ PoE  and Managed by Olympus™. Above all Luminetworx™ can transform a regular light pole into a sustainable smart infrastructure capable of housing multiple added value services like 5G/LTE Small Cell, public wifi, security cameras, IoT sensors/gateways and even integrated audio for public communication. Our solution has the added benefit of being a resilient solution.  And can still provide lighting, surveillance and other functionality during grid outages through the integration of an pole

We can use existing poles in most cases because most of the tech is integrated inside the Lu,imetworx™ PoE switch. To transform a simple old light into a smart pole you will only need to change the head of the unit.


A Smart Pole

For example can communicates quickly and easily with central control system. Management and fault detection can be effectively monitored and controlled remotely.

As a result  a smart PoE pole can perform additional functions. It can connect weather stations, emergency buttons, cameras, backlit info panel, various sensors or Wi-Fi transmitters. Helping to increase comfort, awareness. Above all, safety in the streets of any city. All while only consuming 48VDC via the Luminetworx™ PoE power pole

Most importantly our Smart poles are modular. Making it is possible to fit them only with selected elements. It is possible to extend the features at any time by adding other selected modules.

LV Energy Systems offers state-of-the-art PoE Smart Poles. For use in urban areas and smart cities. With multi-utility functions and facilities for citizens, visitors and businesses.  The Luminetworx™ Smart Poles implement a plug-and-play PoE based technology. Enabling the add-on of any feature at any time in the future. PoE poles are designed, manufactured and supplied to order as per customer requirements and specifications.

Smart Lighting

Above all Luminetworx™ provides turnkey solutions based on Internet of Things technology and the Olympus™ cloud platform, continuously creating maximum value for clients.

For example with the help of smart light poles, existing city infrastructure can communicate with various systems via custom-built cloud software. No IT expertise required, the back-end is easily operable by municipality staff.


  1. Real-time monitoring of the city’s lighting, surveillance and sensor network.
  2. Environmental monitoring
  3. Improving the city’s energy efficiency with PoE lighting
  4. Gather and analyse valuable data
  5. Share information and advertising with information boards

Equally important, Contact LV Energy Systems to learn more about our Smart Light Poles, or email us for an inquiry to request information or a quote.