Luminetworx™ PoE Emergency Lighting European fixtures are designed for performance and built to last. Luminetworx™ line of PoE lighting offers a complete line of innovative energy saving products that will outperform and out live similar products. PoE Lighting allows you to deliver your projects on time and under budget upto 70 percent cheaper to install than traditional high voltage led lighting. But the benefits don’t stop there, your clients will absolutely love the ongoing savings on both on energy consumption and maintenance. All Luminetworx™ emergency lights are UL rated and meet or exceed all commercial, industrial and government safety code standards. PoE emergency lights are remote battery compliant, they do not contain a backup battery on board. The battery is located at the rack connected to the poe switch via a UPS.

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Our solutions are ideal for any type of commercial environment, including multi-family dwellings like, condos, office parks and or factories.

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  PoE Emergency Lighting European