Luminetworx PoE Lighting FAQ

At LV Energy Systems we realize the need for instant answers therefore we have created the Luminetworx PoE Lighting FAQ, here you will find answers to all kinds of common questions that clients have asked. We have tried to make it as inclusive and intuitive as possible. Some FAQ’s will contain links to other pages on the website or to industry experts as a point of reference. If you still do not see the answers you need please feel free to click here and contact us . Please keep in mind that we are always eager and happy to speak to anyone who has unanswered questions or just wants to discuss a project. The Luminetworx PoE Lighting FAQ is constantly being updated so please check back often for updates.

Every Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting systems includes our lighting controls system.

Yes, once you have installed and logged into the mobile app you can control them from anywhere in the world.

Yes. All components have been through rigorous testing and certification and have been designed to work exclusively with Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting Controls.  All luminaires bearing the Luminetworx™ brand have been designed for optimized output from ultra-low power.

No.  Not all lights and devices require a dedicated cable run.  Many of our downlights, emergency and exit fixtures, and PoE dimmer switches can be wired in series. 

Luminetworx™ PoE lights consume so little bandwidth that they barely register when using a network inspection and testing tool like Wireshark. Most commands are stored in the actual driver and internal communication between motion sensors and light switches happens via Bluetooth.

Yes, the Luminetworx™ 5- Channel driver, which supports CCT tuning (both White & RGB), will be available in 2022.

Yes we do you may look on this page you will see a few. We are always adding more based on client installation so if you don’t see what you need please reach out to us at 702-602-7719.

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Yes, we offer classes for End Users and Contractors that are both structured curriculum or custom. Please see our training page for more details

Yes, Luminetworx™ carries a full line of UL924 certified emergency exit signs and remote batteries for both the US and European markets.

Not necessarily. While some Luminetworx™ Certified Dealers are electricians, Luminetworx™ is comprised almost entirely, of low voltage components, and need not be installed by a certified electrician.  However, local laws and building codes prevail, and may require the use of a licensed electrician or low voltage technician (ex. BICSI TECH).  In any case, LV Energy Systems recommends the installation be performed by a Luminetworx™ Certified integrator.  But whether electrician or low voltage integrator, we always suggest contracting only experienced and insured contractors.


PoE Lighting is a great solution for all types of spaces – both commercial and residential, civic or private.  We’re the perfect fit for office buildings, warehouses, data centers, hospitals, schools, and campuses; even hotels and other multi-unit residences like apartment buildings and dormitories are a perfect fit.  And while its best when Luminetworx™ is installed in new construction and rehabilitation/renovation projects, Luminetworx™ can just as easily be added to existing infrastructure for a more gradual transition.

Luminetworx™, like other PoE technologies, does not require Category 7 or 8 cabling.  According to National Electric Code NEC, PoE lighting like ours requires so little power that even Category 6 infrastructure is far more than adequate.

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the process of sending electrical power and data over copper wire. The combination of data transmission along with power supplying hardware onto the same RJ45 Ethernet connector allows for the transmission of power over the network cabling.

The number of fixtures you can control is only limited by how many fixtures you can fit in the room. Luminetworx™ PoE light fixtures connect wirelessly to all fixtures a room with the click of one button.

Luminetworx™ PoE lighting is 70% more economical to install and costs upto 90% less to operate and 20% cheaper cost of goods.

Luminetworx™ PoE lighting is 90% more energy efficient than fluorescents and upto 50% more efficient than traditional line voltage LED lights.

According to Cisco the environmental benefits are far beyond what we imagined. According to Cisco the use of PoE lighting further reduces the strain on the planet by eliminating required materials required to build the product and subsequently reducing Co2 emissions.

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YES. PoE is safe. Per IEEE standards, PoE is injected into a cable at voltage between 44 and 57V DC, typically 48V DC. Typically, anything less than 35V AC or 60V DC is considered safety extra low voltage (SELV), so by definition, PoE-enabled ports are SELV. That’s not to say that 48V DC can’t shock you (you’d know this if you ever touched your tongue to a 9-volt battery when you were a kid). And no one is recommending that you strip the insulation off of a twisted-pair cable conductor and poke it with your bare hands (especially while soaking wet). But with PoE, you still have little chance of getting shocked from a disconnected cable due to the actual protocol itself. That’s because the power sourcing equipment (PSE) must experience a handshake with the powered device (PD) before any power is delivered. No handshake, no power. That’s quite different than an standard AC power receptacle that is constantly supplying power, regardless of whether you’ve got a device plugged in.

No. The In-wall dimmer switch installs quickly and easily, using the same network cabling as the lights.  For an even faster install, try our wireless, battery-operated model.

We recommend the use of cat 6 cabling for all Luminetworx™ installations.

A scene is predetermined light setting. It allows you to control multiple lights at the same time at the press of a button on the in wall light switch or from your smartphone with the Luminetworx™, the professional lighting control portal or via a timer.

We take the security of the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting system and your phone very seriously. We employ computer industry best practices including encryption of the communication between each device and the user. The initial set-up of the system requires the user to be physically inside the property with proximity to each fixture.

In daily use, the system requires the username and password (stored in the app), set by the user at initial setup, for remote access to his lighting. Just as the user protects the username and password to his other on-line accounts, the Luminetworx™ lighting control system username and password must also be protected so that no one else can access the user’s account, lighting, and other connected devices. We recommend that users not share their username and passwords, not write them down where others could access them, or use easy-to-guess passwords such as “password,” home address, birthday, or the same passwords used with other online websites. If the user believes that his password may have been compromised, he should change it immediately.

If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting and controls contact us now.

We support both IOS and Android mobile phone operating systems.

Many new features can be enabled with simple firmware upgrades and will automatically be pushed to all installed systems when they become available. Others will require new hardware which may be installed as a new insert or standalone system install.

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Schedule an appointment to see the Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting system in action at one of our many client installations.

PoE lighting enables a facility to integrate into the digital building infrastructure, while allowing the facility to expand network capabilities by working with other systems and collecting data based on user requirements.

In many facilities, the Information Technology (IT) groups have taken on more of the management of building systems. Since PoE networks are well understood by the IT team, it may make sense to bring the lighting systems online with Luminetworx™.

Luminetworx™ PoE lighting has been sold in South Africa, Canada, USA and the UK. Will it work in other countries? The answer is yes the Luminetworx™ PoE switch is compatible out of the box with both 120VAC and 240VAC so it will work in most countries.

Yes, once initially paired all programming is encoded on every fixture, light switch and motion sensor. In the event of an internet outage all devices will continue to function.