Do you have a parking lot lighting project? And you’re not sure if you should use PoE, or commercial utility. LV Energy Systems has years of experience in lighting up projects. From small commercial buildings, to residential parking lots.

No Minimum Quantities

We sell one light or 1,000. If you are a small business that needs to replace one of their existing lamps or just wants to add a single, additional light, give us a call! We inventory in the US and shipping a single light is easily done.

We also handle the design of large projects that need multiple lamps. Call us or send your PoE parking light lights RFP and we will respond quickly. Both US and global installers are welcome to inquire as we have a proven track record around the world.

No Trenching Required

Our lighting systems are grid-independent. Allowing you to add as many lights as you need without trenching to the main service panel or digging through existing concrete or asphalt lots. Add the light where you need it.

Solar Powered Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Luminetworx™ PoE parking lot lights use Cree LED chips, as well as Phillips Illumiled, LED Chips. LV Energy Systems PoE street lighting and highway lighting come in a few options: 5850 lumens,  11700 lumens or 18000 lumens for standard fixtures. Should your pole require more light, we can double up to 32,000 lumens per pole as a multi unit pole.

All of our PoE LED Parking Lot Lighting solutions are versatile, with the ability to be either ground or pole or wall mounted, Luminetworx lights are the right fit for any size project. These systems also come backed by a 5-year comprehensive warranty, giving you the peace of mind to make the choice of a PoE LED lighting solution without the fear of needing to hire on specialized experts to your staff.

PoE Parking Lot Lighting