Luminetworx, is the POE LED Lighting System brand for LV Energy Systems a low cost alternative to traditional lighting systems.


Luminetworx Although we started with a focus on lighting we have not strictly focused on lighting. Through the POE Office product line we are developing systems to power other office products via POE allowing you to reduce your consumption even further. We have developed the brand as a response to 
Luminetworxindustry demand looking for a reduction in energy consumption and redundancy. Although many products and system are available in the market, the vast majority simply replace one energy source for another as in Solar. But even though solar can save you on your monthly energy costs you are still dependent on the utilities. What we have done differently by way of the Luminetworx brand is to reduce the consumption of your systems. You may ask why is this any better than just switching to solar? At times you many not have enough roof space to cover your current electrical demand / usage. At times your existing roof may beLuminetworx aging but not yet needing to be replaced but not sturdy enough to install a solar array. In both cases by installing a Luminetworx PoE Lighting product we are reducing your consumption by 80% without the overwhelming expense of a Solar array that will cover your energy costs.  But at times we also work in conjunction with a Solar Array so that by reducing consumption used we are able to install a smaller less expensive Solar Array and cover up to 100% of your electrical costs. Don’t get us wrong, we love solar but we feel that switching to solar is not enough. There needs to be a strong push in the energy conservation arena and not just the use of green energy products that subsidize power production.