LV Energy Systems Poe Lighting Channel ProgramPoe Lighting Channel Program is the perfect way for you to get into PoE lighting market. With Luminetworx™ our easy to install and use lighting system, adding a new product to your companies lineup has never been simpler. Below are a few options for getting started but to find out more we encourage you to reach out to one of our sales staff for a one on one walk through of the system and software.

Luminetworx™ Lighting Controls is included in every PoE lighting systems sold. No server required and no lengthy training required to start selling or installing. Our new installation system allows for a 70% faster install time and 50% less wiring. Are you a property developer or contractor looking to speed up the completion time of your projects? Luminetworx™ is the only system on the market that can be installed this fast and effortlessly. As many of our resellers put it, “the system just works”, and that is the sentiment across the board. Our inside technical department is always at the ready to answer technical questions or do preconfiguration work. Training is a big part of our company, the more knowledgeable you are as a reseller the more effective you will be when selling the system.


If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx PoE Lighting Solution contact

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