PoE Building ™, infrastructure is often seen as a prerequisite to economic development and is even defined as the “basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.” In other words, without infrastructure, the operation of a society or enterprise cannot happen. This underscores the importance of infrastructure investments. But infrastructure isn’t free, and it doesn’t come cheap.

LV Energy Systems hopes to change things. With the PoE BuildingPoE Building ™™ the cost of infrastructure is now cheaper than ever. If wealthy and relatively efficient nations struggle to build and sustain their infrastructure, how can less wealthy countries develop more lasting infrastructure. LV Energy Systems is the answer to this daunting task. 

The temptation to copy and paste grand infrastructure projects from prosperous nations is alluring. All too often poor countries build hospitals and schools with the goal of mimicking those in rich countries. But this not a sustainable endeavor. By converting you’re building / city infrastructure to PoE you’re on your way to sustainability, smart infrastructure and economic sustainability. 

PoE Building ™ Technology

The infrastructure and construction industry is constantly innovating from a technology perspective. In some cases these technologies are new materials; in other cases they are process- and technique-based innovations. Companies have to balance innovation with safety and risk, which is why this can be one of the slower industries to adopt higher-risk new technologies.

Power consumption and sustainability are also important areas of technological innovation. Megacities in developed countries are stressing power grids and creating public health issues that many hope can be addressed with next-generation technologies embedded in future public and private construction. This is where the PoE Building ™ and the family of products come into play. The line of low voltage energy efficient technology is the the best place to start when replacing outdated high voltage tech. PoE technology is not just safer but is is also cheaper and less time consuming to install. With the many available options you are now able to replace up-to 40% of a buildings infrastructure with PoE technology.

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