The Luminetworx™ UL924 PoE emergency lighting controls, works a bit different than most systems on the market. FirstPoE Emergency Lighting Controls noticeable is that the exit signs and bugeyes do not have internal batteries. Luminetwor™ has decided to create a remote UL:924 certified battery system instead of the onboard batteries. This allows for ease of installation and ease of testing. No Longer does a facility manager or maintenance engineer have to walk around testing each individual fixture with the inspector in order to verify that the onboard battery is still viable.  By centralizing the battery array we are able to test the battery array for all signs and bugeyes at once. This also applies for all path of egress lighting. In addition the PoE emergency lighting system also reduces fire hazards from having batteries in the plenum and or fixture housings. With a centralized system all batteries can be stored in a temperature controlled closet ensuring safety and life expectancy of the batteries.

PoE Emergency Lighting ControlsThe Luminetworx™ battery management system allows for full integration of the emergency lighting system with the Luminetworx™ lighting control system. This enables the system to dimm all path of egress lights to 25 percent in the event of a power outage and then return the light to their previous state when the power returns. If you are operating bugeyes with an exit sign then the BMS will power on the bugeye only during a power outage and turn them off when the power is restored. The Luminetworx™ BMS will allow you to remotely manage and monitor the battery array, battery life, charge, load, on power, on battery and many additional features but the coolest of all is that it will allow you to perform a remote battery test from anywhere in the world.


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