Características y ventajas de la iluminación PoE

PoE Lighting Features and Benefits

PoE Lighting Features and benefits come in many forms below are some of the prominent points. WHY OFFER LUMINETWORX™?   Luminetworx™ PoE LED Lighting can reduce your overall electrical expense by 35% or more with up to 50% or more in some instances. Luminetworx™ uses the best LED Chips on the market. Our fixtures […]

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PoE Lighting set to outpace the industry

According to Data Bridge Market Research and many other research firms PoE Lighting set to outpace the industry.  Lighting is the fastest growing commercial and residential lighting technology today.  Business analysts forecasts that PoE LED Lighting will outmode the majority of AC-based lighting within the next ten years.  Power over ethernet (PoE) lighting market is […]

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Controles de iluminación alámbricos o inalámbricos

Wired vs. Wireless Lighting Controls

  Wired vs. Wireless Lighting Controls, commercial building lighting controls market is experiencing a period of rapid transformation.  As commercial lighting technology shifts from fluorescent to LED lighting fixtures and now to PoE Lighting, analog lighting controls are also being replaced by more scalable and reliable digital controls that can operate over a wired or […]

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PoE Emergency Lighting Controls

The Luminetworx™ UL924 PoE emergency lighting controls, works a bit different than most systems on the market. First noticeable is that the exit signs and bugeyes do not have internal batteries. Luminetwor™ has decided to create a remote UL:924 certified battery system instead of the onboard batteries. This allows for ease of installation and ease […]

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