Grape Expectations

November 21, 2020

PoE Lighting

25 Kearney Street, Bridge Water, NJ 08807

The Luminetworx PoE lighting system installed at a 7000 sq ft winery. This installation completed by one of our resellers in NJ was done in a 2 warehouse setup used to store and make wine. The space with 14′ ceilings and an open floor plane houses wine barrels in the aging process, a space for making and bottling the wine and a tasting bar. The reseller started by using the reseller portal to calculate and design the layout of the replacement PoE shop lights. With a total of 70 shop lights replacing 65 8′ fluorescent fixtures. In conjunction with the Luminetworx lighting control system the Luminetworx PoE lighting system was able to reduce the overall light usage by 80 percent and the overall energy usage by 60 percent. In the gallery please note the reduction in usage from December 2019 compared to December 2020, the usage dropped from 6400 KWH to 2620 KWH.

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