luminetworx energy monitoring

Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring

Have you looked at your electricity bill to pinpoint where you can reduce your energy consumption? You probably noticed your energy company doesn’t provide you with much more than the amount of electricity used and what will cost you. Buying energy-efficient appliances, turning off lights or using lighting automation, and unplugging devices is a great start, but you can do more! Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring monitoring solution exist to answer all your questions and help you save on your electric bill every month. Choosing the right monitor for your home or business relies on your identification of the top features.

What is Energy Monitoring?

Every time you receive a monthly electric bill, you receive a basic form of energy monitoring. Most homeowners and or business owners look straight to how much they have to pay each month. However, most utility companies also include total energy usage, monthly energy usage over the past 6-12 months, and changes in price per kilowatt-hour. Energy monitoring systems go a step farther to monitor and observe minute-by-minute trends in how energy is used in the home or business.

These systems connect to your electrical panel or meter. They serve as a communication platform for homeowners and business owners, appliances, devices, and sometimes the utility company. These systems can monitor and observe minute-by-minute trends in how energy used.

luminetworx energy monitoring

Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring, energy optimization features in the Luminetworx app include the following:

  • Each individual light’s power consumption is monitored by the Luminetworx App. Power consumption data is then visualized by room, by week, and by month in order to better track opportunities to save energy.
  • Thanks to dimming or scheduled events, energy can be optimized. The addition of a Luminetworx Motion and Daylight Sensor can help to save even more energy by activating light only when end user presence is detected.
  • A portfolio of power meter smart plugs, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, air conditioning units and more is also under development to complete the path toward sustainability with the Luminetworx platform.


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