Luminetworx 75% reduction in lighting energy usage

Luminetworx PoE lighting produces an 75% reduction in lighting energy usage which achieved 55% in total energy reduction. In our latest installation of a small winery Luminetworx PoE shop lights were installed in a 7000 square foot mixed use warehouse space. Taking into account these trying times the owners experienced a 20% reduction in foot […]

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LV Energy Systems B.A.S

Benefits of Luminetworx PoE Lighting

Lower Operational Cost With the rollout of high power PoE, even at parity of installation costs benefits Luminetworx PoE lighting provides additional 30-40% savings in operating expenses. The additional savings are achieved through the simple and easy to operate software controls that allows fine tuning of lighting intensity, scheduling, daylight harvesting etc. Additionally, when utilizing […]

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luminetworx energy monitoring

Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring

Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring Have you looked at your electricity bill to pinpoint where you can reduce your energy consumption? You probably noticed your energy company doesn’t provide you with much more than the amount of electricity used and what will cost you. Buying energy-efficient appliances, turning off lights or using lighting automation, and unplugging […]

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parking garage lighting


 1. MORE PERFORMANCE WITH LESS ENERGY Many parking garages have to be lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Replacing the traditional High Intensity Discharge (HID) style of fixtures with the lower wattage, high lumen packages of today can realize significant savings for property managers. Ultra high efficiency […]

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Luminetworx PoE Lighting

The lighting industry has undergone a major transformation in the past decade by introducing energy efficient led fixtures for the commercial and residential markets. Another transformation is unfolding now which will totally revolutionize how we control lighting by allowing lighting systems to be part of the Internet of Things using the digital nature of LED […]

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PoE LED Lighting the first step to energy savings

Energy Efficiency in Building Construction? Buildings are the largest energy consuming sector in the world, accounting for over one-third of energy consumption in the world, and lighting makes up a large portion of that consumption. This has increased pressure on architects and engineers to design sustainable buildings with a highly efficient PoE lighting plan. While […]

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The Future of PoE LED Lighting

LV Energy System’s goal is to create “intelligent” buildings, to go beyond lighting. The Future of PoE LED Lighting is a great backbone to build on because lighting is everywhere. Powering other low-voltage loads beyond lighting such as CCTV, Access Control, HVAC, that are all a part of the building system eco-system. It’s about getting […]

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Residential PoE LED Lighting

Luminetworx Recessed Lighting Residential PoE LED Lighting for the discerning homeowner Welcome to the world of residential PoE LED recessed lighting. A brilliant world where lighting is effective and efficient … blending seamlessly with every décor … perfectly illuminating every room of the house. Luminetworx offers the largest selection of high-quality recessed fixtures, incorporating industry […]

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