how does poe lighting work

PoE Lighting Installation

How hard is the PoE Lighting installation process? At Luminetworx™ our goal when designing the system was ease of use. We think we have done just that, Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting is the easiest system to install. We like to tell everyone that we have a 5 step install start to finish. So let’s review the […]

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PoE Lighting Efficiency

Although the energy efficiency of solid-state lighting has been documented, the most efficient way to power the lighting has been the subject of debate with emphasis on PoE Lighting Efficiency. The DOE (department of energy) published a report in November 2017 (herein referred to as “Part 1”) summarizing the results of an exploratory study investigating […]

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Luminetworx 75% reduction in lighting energy usage

Luminetworx PoE lighting produces an 75% reduction in lighting energy usage which achieved 55% in total energy reduction. In our latest installation of a small winery Luminetworx PoE shop lights were installed in a 7000 square foot mixed use warehouse space. Taking into account these trying times the owners experienced a 20% reduction in foot […]

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