Luminetworx PoE lighting produces an 75% reduction in lighting energy usage which achieved 55% in total energy reduction. In our latest installation of a small winery Luminetworx PoE shop lights were installed in a 7000 square foot mixed use warehouse space. Taking into account these trying times the owners experienced a 20% reduction in foot traffic but the facility remained fully operational and manned. Taking this into account and comparing the same month one year prior  we have the following results.

2019 Usage 2020 Usage Reduction allowance due to covid
6500 KWH 2625 KWH 20 percent

What does this mean? At $.26 a KWH electrical The Luminetworx PoE lighting system saved the winery $964.00 just in December. In this installation, all of the cost savings are from the PoE technology, with only 3 small windows in the space and constant foot traffic the PoE lights are on from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week so aside from motion sensors to automate turning the lights on and off no other lighting control automation was used.

The following screenshot of the electric bill showing the energy usage chart (KWH) for 12/19 and 12/20. 


PoE Lighting usage reduction

LV Energy Systems uses the information gathered during the site visit to provide the most relevant assessment to retrofit your lighting infrastructure. 

to achieve the Luminetworx 75% reduction in lighting energy usage on a PoE lighting retrofit project isn’t easy. It requires knowing all of your variables, then determining a budget.

January 2021 Electric Bill

The January electric bill at Grape Expectations was as expected. The luminetworx PoE lighting systems was able to again save 50 overall on the clients electric bill see below).

We created our energy savings calculator so that a certified reseller can guide you in understanding the basics of PoE lighting retrofits.

As with any site assessment, you need to provide several pieces of information to get started. The certified Luminetworx reseller can help you gather the necessary information before beginning the lighting retrofit estimate.

To find out more about the Luminetworx PoE Lighting Solution contact us now.

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