Residential PoE Lighting Design

    Residential PoE lighting design is the first and most important step to a balanced, harmonious interior design. A room’s layout can be fantastic, but without the proper lighting for residential spaces, it can feel drab, dark, or stuffy. A thoughtful combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting makes rooms more comfortable—guests stay longer and [...]
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LV Energy Systems B.A.S

Benefits of Luminetworx PoE Lighting

Lower Operational Cost With the rollout of high power PoE, even at parity of installation costs benefits Luminetworx PoE lighting provides additional 30-40% savings in operating expenses. The additional savings are achieved through the simple and easy to operate software controls that allows fine tuning of lighting intensity, scheduling, daylight harvesting etc. Additionally, when utilizing [...]
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Intelligent Lighting Technology with Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting System

After years of focusing on LED lighting for energy efficiency, attention is shifting to Intelligent Lighting Technology like PoE lighting. The availability of low-cost, ultra-miniature LEDs, sensors and communications protocols now makes it possible to embed Internet connectivity into every lighting fixture and most low-wattage sensors, and to do so with a low price tag. [...]
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