Luminetworx Retro-Fit Device is a 110V and network connected device that use WiFi Technology to add existing fixtures to the Luminteworx Lighting Control System. 

After power negotiation, a secure connection is established between the gateway and the network. The Retro-Fit Device is then able to distribute power and data to lights, sensors, and other devices locally and across multiple locations. The network communication allows easy convergence of IP infrastructure securely using Luminetworx technology. Data and commands can be easily passed and integrated with other systems for data analytic needs in a building automation control installation.

Enables you to connect existing non-smart products into the Luminetworx eco-system.


  • ActS as a dimmer to the existing product
  • Control of the dimming value is done through through the WiZ interfaces, which can be mobile apps, voice control, automations
  • On/Off Relay – for non-dimmable products (some fluorescent tubes, fans or lava lamps, etc…) it can be configured as a simple ON/OFF relay on its 110/220V output.
  • Triac – for phase dimmable product (Halogen lamps, Incandescent Lamps, most LED drivers) it can be configured as a triac and provide leading edge phase dimming on a 110/220V output

Product Features
1.Drive LED light with constant current mode
2. Connect to mobile APP via Wi-Fi for remote control
3. Support brightness dimming
4. Quickly turn the input power on and off, forcibly enter the pairing network
5. With overheat protection and short circuit protection

6. Firmware supports OTA upgrade

Direction for operation:

1.Confirm the rated voltage before the installation to keep the product from being damaged.

2.Cut off the power until the installation is finished.

3.Contact us when any problems happen, never open the product without permission.

4.Basic electronic knowledge or professional indication is needed for operator.

5.Product surface temperature control during normal operation environment within 65 ℃, the bad environment to reduce product life cycle.

6.Never use the product in a humid environment


Warranty replacement excludes certain types of physical damage such as fire, flood/moisture, or tampering (in the circumstance that a fixture is improperly removed from its mount or connection causing it to fail).