PoE Courtyard Lighting


LuminetworxPoE Courtyard Lighting™ PoE Courtyard Lighting is usually created in the front yard, backyard, between two building or in the center of a home or commercial building. But many people usually ignore courtyard lighting because of high expenditure and extra labor costs.

PoE lighting for outdoor courtyard applications is very easy to install and increases the properties curb appeal. Power over ethernet as a light source is high efficiency, energy-saving, eco-friendly, quick & easy to install.  PoE downlight also have longer lifespan and high IP contrast to traditional luminaries. Set the mood by creating a scene with the lighting control system will enable you to effectively and easily create ambiance and an inviting space. Do you want your outdoor gardens to look more interesting? You and Luminetworx™ can make it easy. Courtyard lighting which is not only for illumination but also to improve security. You can enjoy awesome evenings with your family and friends. LV Energy Systems can help recommend PoE  high efficiency LED lights, perfect in a contemporary space and the adjustable settings lets you direct the light where you want it.

Decorative Street and Courtyard Lighting

Outdoor lighting structures are created from several parts, mainly bases, poles, and luminaires. Optional accessories are readily available. For instance ladder rests, plant and flag holders, and both single and dual banner arms.

Courtyard lighting is generally shorter than street lighting with smaller luminaires and ships complete with a socket(s) for an LED or incandescent light bulb(s).

Ornamental site lighting pieces come in standard powder coated finishes of black and dark green.  Unpainted bases and poles are also available.

If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting and controls contact us now.

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