Poe smart pole

The PoE smart light pole is an important source of data collection. Data is the future of Internet of Things and an integral part of the smart city ecosystem. PoE smart light poles collect city information through integrated sensors and accessories. The data can interact with the government’s internal systems. For example transportation system, police management system, financial management system, and procurement systems. Providing multiple data sets for smart city big data applications.

PoE smart street light poles have applications including Luminetworx™ PoE street lighting control system. As well as others like, public WIFI, video surveillance, advertising screen. Real-time monitoring of urban environments, emergency call system and water level monitoring. In addition, the Olympus™ Smart Street Light Cloud Platform allows for remote control and monitoring of the Luminetworx™ PoE smart street light poles.

PoE Smart Light Pole

PoE Smart Light Pole System 

The PoE smart light pole is composed of four layers. Sensing layer, network communication layer, data management layer, and platform application layer.


1. Sensor Layer

The sensing layer refers to the sensing devices such as cameras and sensors. These devices can collect and acquire the data of all devices in the PoE smart light pole system. The sensing layer devices involved in the smart light poles by Luminetworx™ can include. PoE smart street lights, Poe security cameras, PoE LED display screens, PoE environmental monitoring, PoE water level monitoring and many other related sensors.

2. Network Layer

Network communication layer can use many forms of communication, for example 5G / 4G network. In addition to fiber optic network, PTMP ( point to multi point) network, wireless networks. Sensors report the collected relevant information to the data management layer, and the management layer can send operation instructions to the sensing layer. In the application of smart light poles, the two-way data transmission mode is adopted, and with the use of flexible networking protocols. These are used to control and monitor PoE street lights. At the same time other communication solutions are used for real-time remote control of power over ethernet smart street light poles. It can support seamless access to various sensing devices at the same time. Perfect for unified data collection and management analysis. The PoE smart street light pole by Luminetworx™ uses a dedicated gateway for smart street lights. And is compatible with multiple communication standard communication. 

3. Data Layer

Above the network communication layer is the data layer. This layer analyzes and processes the raw data obtained by the sensing layer. Such as temperature, humidity, noise, and surveillance video. This provides a powerful data foundation for the PoE smart street light pole system and facilitate the application layer.

4. Platform Application Layer

The application layer functions of the Olympus™ Smart Street light Cloud Platform include PoE street light lighting monitoring, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, information release, network broadcast, emergency call, LED screen, and any other possibility of optional systems.

Functions of The Smart Street Light Pole

1. PoE Street Light Intelligent Control

The system uses wireless WiFi, cellular and or other Internet of things and communication technologies to realize the remote PoE lighting, dimming, detection and other management and control functions of each smart lamp pole. We can easily achieve lighting control of a single or group of PoE street lights.  

2. PoE Street Light Automation

No manual adjustment is required. The smart street light pole can automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp according to the flow of people, traffic, and natural light. At the same time, it can automatically switch the scene mode. The mode effect can be arbitrarily set to achieve full intelligence, reduce the cost of use, and improve the user experience.

3. Environmental Monitoring

By integrating various environmental monitoring sensors on smart light pole, the outdoor temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, illuminance, PM2.5 and other environmental parameters are collected in real time. The real-time data is transmitted through the wireless ad hoc network composed of intelligent lamps, and the collected data is collected in the background. Information analysis, real-time display of temperature, humidity, and other information is available in real time through the Olympus™ web portal. 


PoE Smart Light Pole

4. Data collection

Most importantly, the smart light pole can be connected to other nearby Internet of Things devices. Such devices include video surveillance, facial recognition, security monitoring, trash can monitoring, manhole cover monitoring, soil monitoring, etc. Allowing us to achieve unified intelligent management of other devices to facilitate data management.


5. LED Screen Information Display

For example the optional PoE LED screen equipped with the smart light pole can display real time information.  It can display convenience information such as weather, transit schedules and the advertisement information. The screen control center is remotely managed by the client or the Olympus NOC.

The construction of smart cities is developing rapidly, and the construction of PoE smart street lights is also in rapid development. Accessing smart street light poles through the smart street management platform can effectively control the urban hub and effectively control the city’s operating status. 


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