Affordable Commercial Solar

Solar power has become more affordable and more efficient over the years. With the tax breaks you can get on solar, you can save 30% to 60% of the installation costs, depending on what state you live in. The federal government provides for a 26% tax break for commercial solar, but next year it will be 22% and thereafter it drops to 10%, so the sooner you decide to move on your project, the better.

Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, NJ, NJ and California, as well as some other states, may also offer tax breaks and other incentives to reduce your costs further.

As a commercial or industrial building owner, you are in a better position to have a qualifying roof than those interested in residential solar. That’s because commercial roofs are often larger than residential roofs, and the buildings are often located in areas with fewer trees that prevent the sun from hitting the panels.

Even if your roof has too much equipment on it for a commercial solar installation, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of solar power. Our solar company can build an array on the ground if you have enough property, or we can mount your solar panels on your parking garage. We can even build a carport made of solar panels over a parking lot. You get solar power, plus a protected, covered parking area.

Harvest the wind, water & sun for your energy needs