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Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting

Companies must embrace the digital disruption to stay relevant, profitable and attract talent.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the core technology of smart buildings  and cities where devices collect and share data about themselves, their users, their environments, and the other devices with which they connect. This data provides insights allowing businesses to maximize energy savings, optimize space and improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

PoE LED lighting in a smart building?

The digital nature of PoE LED Lighting technology brings illumination and IT together, allowing the Luminetworx lighting systems to participate in the Internet of Things. LV Energy Systems, Luminetworx™ lighting systems uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology into the IoT – an ideal way to support efficiencies across a smart building or city.

The Luminetworx™ driver is powered from the PoE switch through CAT6 cables, and provides up to 30Watts of 12-36VDC power to lighting fixtures over an ethernet connection. This makes the deployment of LED fixtures in a new installation or retrofit situation extremely flexible and adaptable. No need for conduits to carry cabling for high voltage power, the illumination of any environment can be delivered easily and efficiently.

Luminetworx™ lighting uses significantly less energy than conventional lighting and with our PoE LED lighting system, the cost of ownership is even lower. When integrated with the lighting controls motion sensors, daylight harvesting, scheduling and scenes energy use and efficiency can be maximized to provide the lowest operating cost possible.

Luminetworx™ drivers are available in single and five channel models, the five channel can provide RGBW or color tuning. Our single channel delivers a single color to any lighting environment for use in basic installations like parking garages or warehouses. Each channel on the multi-channel unit can be controlled to provide customized lighting atmospheres to suit any situation. Whether you desire to have the mood of a room changed by adjusting the color temperature or you want to create a brighter environment, the ability is yours to change on the fly or automatically based on pre-set scenes.

Lighting environments can now be managed and adjusted by integrated room sensors or through cloud based management software that provides the ability to change colors, brightness, color temperature, etc. In addition to controlling the lighting environment, the control software also provides the ability to gain system analytics on any device or on the entire system.

With the lighting control software, the control of devices transforms the lighting system into a facility managers most valuable asset.  Monitor, manage, and control your lighting environment from anywhere to create the optimal lighting atmosphere for system users and facility occupants.

Configuring your PoE LED lighting system is flexible and adaptable when deploying the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting systems. Utilizing CAT6 cabling, the control module can be installed anywhere a network drop can be ran. Combined with light switches, ambient light sensors and occupancy sensors, the lighting system can be tailored for any user and managed for maximum system performance.


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