PoE powered Ethernet Extender, also known as LAN Extenders or Network Extenders, enable the transmission of data beyond 100m (328ft) — the general maximum cable length for copper Ethernet cables. The benefit of using a PoE powered Ethernet Extender is that you can use single twisted pair (CAT5/6/7/8), or any existing copper wiring previously previously used in alarm circuits, E1/T1 circuits, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CCTV or CATV applications. Whether you need to run Ethernet to provide PoE power to an IP camera, or provide data beyond the 328 ft communication limit. Luminetworx PoE powered Ethernet Extender are the most efficient and cost effective way to expand and maximize your network infrastructures. All without the need to power the extender with external power.

  • Extend network distances beyond 328ft.
  • Transmission Speed: up to 1 gigabit of bandwidth.
  • Managed layer 2 switch.
  • Transparent operation for all Ethernet protocols including 802.1Q VLAN packets, and IP video compression schemes.
  • Advanced features: Link Pass-Through, Interlink Fault Feedback, Auto-MDIX and Loopback

The Luminetworx PoE powered Ethernet Extender can leverage existing copper twisted-pair cabling toPoE Powered Ethernet Extender deliver electrical power over the same network connection as the Ethernet data stream.

The advantages of the PoE extender include time and cost savings and greater flexibility of endpoint positioning among others.

With the global expansion of the Internet of Things, demand for IP/Ethernet-connected devices is soaring. Currently billions of devices are already capable of connecting to the Internet. Ethernet—and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) in particular—has grown in popularity because it strikes the perfect blend of speed, cost, and ease of use.

Ethernet, however, presents a few drawbacks that may overshadow the benefits by creating escalating infrastructure costs and system downtime. The IEEE Ethernet standard specifies a distance limitation of 328 ft (100 m), which restricts location options for device installation. Standard Ethernet also requires Cat 5 cabling or better, which often leads to installing new cabling infrastructure.

The Luminetworx PoE powered extender enables Ethernet connectivity over previously installed copper infrastructure. The solution makes use of circuits previously deployed for such traditional non-IP applications as RS232/485 HVAC and building automation controls, alarms, CCTV, analog phones, intercom speakers, and more.

Instantaneously install PoE-capable devices such as wireless access points (WAPs), IP cameras, IP telephones, IP door stations, HVAC controls, PoE LED lighting. With the extended reach the Luminetorx PoE powered extender allows you to install your IP or IP/PoE powered equipment exactly where you want it! Flexibility of device location is paramount in such applications as building security, where increased perimeter dimension and expanded spot coverage area are critical all the while never needing to provide an electrical outlet to power the extender.

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