luminetworx poe ceiling fan
LV Energy Systems goes to great lengths to create energy-efficient products including the Luminetworx PoE Ceiling Fans.  Our PoE ceiling fans can cut heating and cooling costs by up to 30% and builders rely on Luminetworx PoE Fan models to meet the growing demand for sustainable, LEED-certified projects.luminetworx poe ceiling fanLuminetworx  PoE Fans make world-leading efficiency possible from the convenience of our automated controls. Using patent-pending technology with Luminetworx controls, the poe fan delivers unmatched energy savings and cooling airflow in perfect harmony.
  • Activate with just the touch of a button through the wall switch or app.

  • Optimize your fan’s efficiency with automated controls to balance airflow and energy consumption.
  • Set it, then forget it, effortlessly enjoy lasting energy savings and comfort.

Luminetwox PoE Ceiling Fan

The brains within Luminetworx, our patent-pending PoE controller and sensor technology monitors your environment for temperature, humidity, and motion and manages your comfort to your specifications. From the wall switch or app, users set their ideal comfort preferences and let Luminetworx do the work. The control app allows users to change fan speed and light levels, set preferences, schedule routine operations, and enable various preset modes from the familiarity of their mobile devices or wall switch.


Smart Home Integration

Luminetworx Wi-Fi connectivity enables voice activation with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for hands-free fan and light controls. Integration with smart thermostats maximizes your home’s energy efficiency by automatically maintaining your preferred conditions.


Luminetworx Control Modes

Luminetworx PoE fans offer advanced functionality with special control modes that can be enabled with your fan’s remote control or within the mobile app. Available energy-saving scenes can be activated through the Luminetworx app or wall switch to delivers efficiency unmatched by the competition.

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