Smart buildings start with PoE

Luminetworx™ PoE lighting technology allows for intelligent lighting controls in any type of building or residence. Resulting in

poe lighting making energy efficiency easier for architects to achieve and building users to maintain. Because the entire system is powered over a standard ethernet connection, network-enabled PoE devices can provide any user immediate access to building automation control over the entire system.

The lighting industry

Is currently going through a fundamental change with the transition to PoE LED-based, digital lighting. Technologies such as PoE which were originally intended for low power digital devices can now find use cases for lighting applications due to the low power demand of the LEDs.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting:

1. Lower Cost
Luminetworx™ PoE lighting systems are easier to install than traditional AC-wired lighting. Less copper wiring is needed. The Luminetworx™ PoE lighting will reduce your cabling costs by 50%. You don’t need a licensed electrician to install it. According to several industry experts installation costs can be up to 70% lower than traditional lighting. Your not saving 70% on installation cost because you use cheaper labor. The reason for the labor savings is the speed at which the PoE lighting systems can be installed.  The energy savings going forward can be almost 90%. When compared to a more traditional high voltage system. By providing DC power directly to the LED light you are saving not only energy but are extending the life of the light itself. 


2. More Control

One of the biggest advantages of a Luminetworx™ PoE lighting system is how it is connected to your network. The power and data synergy with PoE lighting gives you the start of a single unifying platform. Allowing you to monitor and run most of your building automation systems. Integrating sensors to your lighting network allows you to better control a building’s environment and make it more human-centric and efficient. 


3. Better Flexibility
A core strength of Luminetworx™ PoE lighting is its ability to future-proof your building. Changes to lighting locations and adding integrated sensors can be done easily with lower cost and less labor.


4. Better Networked Security
As networked IoT devices continue to flood the market, many building automation systems are installed. As a result they are operated independently from each other. Many are proprietary systems with incompatible software/hardware issues. Using a single PoE lighting system as a foundation for your building network provides a more secure unified network.

5. A Green Solution 

PoE technology allows access to room occupancy and other environmental data. Allowing you to save more energy by managing a building’s use more efficiently.

Smooth, efficient operation begins with high quality PoE lighting. The benefits of PoE lighting begin with energy savings. Long-lasting commercial lighting from Luminetworx™ helps you improve your bottom line. As a result of drastically decreasing electricity and maintenance costs. 

PoE LED light fixtures don’t just save energy.

They produce bright, even light, which improves the safety conditions of your facility. Ambient, overhead PoE LED lighting provides an even wash. Properly designed it will light every corner of your facility or home. Task lighting provides concentrated light for focused activities, like paperwork, sorting, and quality control, reading, etc. 

PoE lighting is easier on the eyes than traditional fluorescent lighting. Employees will experience less eye strain. Because of the high quality PoE LED lights, which means fewer mistakes, greater productivity, and a happier staff. 

Luminetworx™ offers a wide variety of light fixtures.

  1. PoE high bay lighting,
  2. PoE recessed ceiling lights,
  3. PoE commercial pendant lights, and
  4. PoE commercial exterior sconces
  5. PoE LED strip lights 
  6. PoE street lights

Our solutions are ideal for any type of commercial property or home, including single family homes, condos, and townhouses.

If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting Solution contact us now.

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