Luminetworx™ lighting control system brings enterprise level automation and control to the masses. Below we list all of the available features available when using the Luminetworx™ lighting system. Our controls system is capable of managing both indoor and outdoor assets such as street lights.

lighting control system

But what exactly is a lighting control system? A lighting control system is an intelligent network based control solution. By incorporating communications between various system inputs and outputs. Allowing for lighting controls to interoperate with the use of one or more central computing devices.

Luminetworx™ Lighting Control System Feature Options

A lighting control systems enables lighting to do things it could never do before. The Luminetworx™ product line offers the most comprehensive line of controls. Above all they are simple to use, scalable, flexible and energy efficient. We have solutions available for commercial and residential applications. Lighting controls and systems from Luminetworx™ make complex functions simple. They create the right light for spaces where people learn, work, and heal. 

For instance in areas where you would prefer not to cut open walls for running cable. Therefore wireless dimmers, switches, and sensors make for an ideal solution. As a result wireless lighting is often favorable for remodeling projects. And can be more cost-effective than retrofitting a wired system. As a decentralized system it is perfect for any home or commercial space that is in the new-build stage. Or undergoing a remodeling project. Wires need not be run to a centralized location, such as a utility closet. Eliminating costly cabling and, instead, replacing control by individual or sets of light fixtures.


Luminetworx™ Control Features

  1. Geolocation based circadian rhythms.
  2. Indoor and Outdoor positioning. 
  3. Virtual midnight.
  4. Geolocation based scheduling.
  5. Demand Response, the ability to reduce lighting levels or shut off non-essential lights. All base on T.O.U and or load shedding requirements from the Utility company.
  6. Task tuning, adjusting lighting based on IES recommended levels.
  7. Grouping, allows you to cluster fixtures and manage them as one.
  8. Daylight harvesting.
  9. Emergency lighting controls with centralized battery management.
  10. User permissions based on location or fixture.
  11. Lux level automation. Automatically adjusting the lighting level of the room based on industry standards for the space.
  12. Asset management
  13. Power lock, the ability to lock a fixtures maximum power level.
  14. Room level control, manage and automate.
  15. Fixture level control, manage and automate.
  16. Scene creation at the light switch.
  17. Zoning
  18. Network infrastructure visualization (roadmap).
  19. Dimming
  20. Remote self-healing. Is the ability for the system to detect non responsive fixtures and take action to bring them back online (roadmap).
  21. System alerts for repair scenarios.
  22. CCT / RGB (estimated 4th qtr 22)
  23. B.A.S integration, fire panel, HVAC, CCTV, etc..
  24. Energy consumption monitoring.
  25. Event logging.
  26. Decentralized, control system.

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