How does residential PoE lighting work? A good question for us to explore. PoE is one of the significant additions to the long line of inventions in the lighting industry. It is a smart lighting solution that combines world-class LED technology with digital controls. Doing so allows it to deliver an appropriate and desired lighting effect. The leading commercial lighting manufacturers claim that PoE is a modular lighting solution.  And it promises productivity and enhanced safety in a commercial and residential spaces. It helps in the development of a smart and connected workspace or home and delivers the perfect lighting solution to ensure comfort.

The future of lighting

Many have referred to PoE lighting as the lighting solution of the future. PoE uses an Ethernet cable (CAT6A) in order to provide a low voltage solution for powering fixtures throughout the space with granular level control. The cable powers the LED lighting fixtures. It can transmit data between the fixture and the lighting control system.

how does poe lighting workThe Luminetworx™ lighting system works by collecting and processing data. AC line voltage is directed to the power over ethernet switch in the closet or demarc. The power is routed to the different fixtures  located throughout the space  simultaneously. The Luminetworx™ cloud based lighting control system is the intelligence of the lighting setup. It integrates all the peripheral control devices on a common platform. The PoE drivers send and receive commands to the cloud server.  Intern it provides the occupant of the space comprehensive control of the whole lighting setup in the space. Additionally all Luminetworx™ drivers and peripherals are programmed at the time of pairing so that they can work independent of the cloud server.

Let’s continue to explore how residential poe lighting works. The Luminetworx™ PoE Switch converts AC voltage to DC voltage and sends it to all the associated drivers that power the fixtures in the space. The driver acts as the lighting hub. As a result it receives power and data from the network switch and passes it to the luminaire. Once identified by the network, the poe drivers receive an IP address from the local network. Therefore making the installation and implementation of custom configurations easy.

Lighting controls

The PoE system controls each and every light with many options. For instance on-off, dimming, colour tuning, emergency lighting controls. With third party integration like HVAC and BMS systems it takes lighting to a whole new level. The data captured by the Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting Control System is used to manage multi locational sites.  This is accomplished by remote monitoring using cloud computing. Data captured can provide new insights and business analytics. Big data on energy consumption, occupancy patterns etc. This data will provide helpful insights for future decisions. PoE lighting systems makes use of same IT network in the building. Therefore seamless integration with other similar IT systems like BMS or Security or HVAC will be very easy and more accurate.


Our solutions are ideal for any type of home, including single family homes, condos, and townhouses.

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