LV Energy Systems is a manufacturer of PoE Products, the first of which is the PoE LED Lighting system Luminetworx. But that is not the only brand we have developed, we have also started product development on the PoE Office that will be available soon. LV Energy Systems was born as the culmination of a 25 year career in the IT industry and during that time 11 years of performing Low Voltage Contract work. This has given the management at LV Energy Systems a unique insight into both worlds allowing us to truly understand the best way to develop Luminetworx PoE products as industry experts in both fields.

Below is a list of what we found to be the most on demand light fixtures and additional fixtures soon to come. If you have a specific light fixture you would like manufactured as a PoE LED Light fixture contact us and within 90 days we can make any custom fixture required for your project (min. qty. apply).

Item Description Image Part Number
POE LED 2×2 Troffer  Luminetworx 3640 Lumen Troffer LVES-3640-TFR
POE LED 48″ Pendant Luminetworx Pendant Light LVES-48-PDT
POE LED 72″ S Shaped Pendant Luminetworx S Shaped Pendant LVES-72-SPDT
POE LED Round Pendant Luminetworx Round Pendant LVES-RD-PDT
POE LED Cylinder Luminetworx Cylinder
POE LED 4′ Linear Ambient Light Luminetworx 4′ compatible linear ambient light LVES-12SL10200
POE LED 4′ Water Proof Luminetworx WaterProof 4′ Light LVES-4WPSL
POE LED 2×2 Office Light Luminetworx 3875 Lumens  2x2 Ceiling LED Panel Light - 4600 Lumens - 40 Watt Image LVES-2x2OL2400
POE LED T-Bar Light Luminetworx 4′ T-Bar Light Luminetworx Products LVES-4TBAR
POE LED 2×4 Office Light Luminetworx 5000 Lumens 2x4 LED Panel Light - Color Adjustable from 3000 to 5000 Kelvin  Image LVES-2x4OL5000
POE LED 4″ Down Light Luminetworx 800 Lumens Recessed Down Light LVES-4DL800
POE LED 6″ Down Light Luminetworx 800 Lumens Recessed Down Light LVES-6DL800
POE LED 8″ Down Light Luminetworx 800 Lumens Recessed Down Light LVES-8DL800
POE LED Emergency Exit Luminetworx POE LED Exit Sign LVES-EE390
POE Light Switch
Luminetworx POE Wall Switch
Luminetworx Products LVES-WS1G
POE Light Switch Wall Mount Luminetworx Light Switch Wall Mount LVES-WS2G
POE Network Switch Luminetworx 802.3 at/ab 24 port PoE Switch LVES-24UPOE
POE Smart Sensors Luminetworx Intelligent Sensors, motion and heat LVES-ILS
CAT 6A CMP Luminetworx Category 6A LVES-0RJ45-02
42U 2 Post Rack Luminetworx 2 post Rack LVES-42RACK
UPS with Battery Pack 3000 Watt UPS with 240 minute Battery Pack LVES-3000UPS-BPACK
50 Watt Solar Charging Station 50watt solar charging station with a 400 watt invert-er and battery pack. luminetworx solar charging station LVES-50WSCS
100 Watt Solar Charging Station 100 watt solar charging station with a 400 watt invert-er and battery pack. luminetworx solar charging station LVES-100WSCS
Solar Parking Lot Lights Solar Parking Lot Light Assembly LVES-70SPLL
Solar Communication System Solar Street Light and Communication System LVES-SCP
HVAC UV Germicidal Light 70 Watt Dual Bulb HVAC UV Light LVES-70UV
Luminetworx Retro-Fit Device 110V Retro-Fir Device for existing lighting LVES-RFD