Flat panel lighting is designed for use with a drop-in ceiling or suspension mounted fixtures and can be useful in a variety of spaces. With our Luminetworx 2 x 2 LED light fixtures, you get the convenience of a flat panel to accommodate your ceiling type combined with the incredible savings of PoE LED lighting to replace fluorescent models. These flat panel 2×2 LED  come in an efficient wattage / lumen output. With our watts versus lumens output combination you are getting the most light for the least amount of wattage burned. Most flat panels are not completely flat on the back side of the lighting fixture but do offer a reduced profile for smaller cavities. The lighting spread tends to be evenly emitting from the lighting fixture and gives the perception of skylight lighting. PoE LED lighting uses less energy consumption to produce illumination that is brighter and longer lasting than traditional options. It is one of the most versatile and efficient IoT lighting solutions on the market and perfect for a range of applications. With our selection Luminetworx of 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 LED flat panel light fixtures, you can add some powerful illumination to your space with ease and affordability!

Luminetworx 2 x 2 LED Light

Dimensions 603 x 603 x 8.5 mm
CCT 4000K
Wattage 30
Lumen 4148
Equivalent Wattage 175
Input Power POE
power Factor >0.93
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Rating IP65
Operating Temperature

-4°F ~ 120°F

Warranty 5 Years
LED Driver Luminetworx
Dimmable 0 – 10V
Application Indoor
Installation Recessed, Surface, Suspension
Rated Lifetime 50000 hrs
Warranty 5 years

Luminetworx 2 x 2 LED Light


Direction for operation:

1.Confirm the rated voltage before the installation to keep the product from being damaged.

2.Cut off the power until the installation is finished.

3.Contact us when any problems happen, never open the product without permission.

4.Basic electronic knowledge or professional indication is needed for operator.

5.Product surface temperature control during normal operation environment within 65 ℃, the bad environment to reduce product life cycle.

6.Never use the product in a humid environment.


Warranty replacement for Luminetworx 2 x 2 LED light excludes certain types of physical damage such as fire, flood/moisture, or tampering (in the circumstance that a fixture is improperly removed from its mount or connection causing it to fail).