Warehouse Lights

There are many features that separate warehouse lights and PoE shop lights from traditional models. They have a reputation for excellence achieved through years of innovation. With quality in design that has enabled them to outperform competing models with ease. Our PoE LED high bay lights are specifically designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. […]

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commercial lighting

Commercial Lighting

You make your job look easy. Our job is to make it easier. We know that your commercial lighting needs extend far beyond the build. You need quality commercial lighting that will live up to your high expectations. We manufacture PoE Led products for several markets. These include architectural lighting, office lighting, commercial LED lighting. […]

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Poe led Manufacturer

POE LED Manufacturer

LV Energy Systems is breaking barriers in the lighting industry as a PoE LED Manufacturer. With our Luminetworx™ PoE LED lighting system. LV Energy Systems unleashes possibilities never before feasible. By using Ethernet cables to power, control, & monitor LED lighting. Luminetworx™ enables clients to quickly install user customizable LED lighting fixtures. In a networked […]

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Intelligent Lighting Technology with Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting System

After years of focusing on LED lighting for energy efficiency, attention is shifting to Intelligent Lighting Technology like PoE lighting. The availability of low-cost, ultra-miniature LEDs, sensors and communications protocols now makes it possible to embed Internet connectivity into every lighting fixture and most low-wattage sensors, and to do so with a low price tag. […]

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What not to do when upgrading your Lighting

POE LED Lighting and more

Over the past decade, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has steadily increased its footprint in enterprise applications. This powerful technology is being deployed more and more often today thanks to the range of devices and applications that are compatible with PoE for example in POE LED Lighting, as well as its convenience, ease of installation, and […]

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Big Opportunities With POE LED Lighting

Big Opportunities With POE LED Lighting in the ICT Industry abound. POE LED Lighting Connects via common category twisted-pair cabling. The average number of devices per 10,000 sq. feet is 115. POE LED is safe extra-low voltage (SELV) application with no safety risk. PoE provides strategic placement for advanced sensor technologies and other devices (e.g. […]

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Solar Parking Lot & Area Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles and located in parking lots, pathways and driveways. This type of exterior lighting is generally used to provide illumination to areas for vehicle and pedestrian use, with the most frequent attribute being that the light fixtures are mounted […]

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Luminetworx Solar Charging Station

As part of our green initiative, LV Energy Systems is deploying the self contained Luminetworx Solar Charging Station. With this solar charging station you can power your off grid job sites, camping trips or any other needs commercial, recreational or any need. The Luminetworx charging stations can be pole mounted or ground mounted used a […]

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