Luminetworx Recessed Lighting

Residential PoE LED Lighting for the discerning homeowner

Welcome to the world of residential PoE LED recessed lighting. A brilliant world where lighting is effective and efficient … blending seamlessly with every décor … perfectly illuminating every room of the house. Luminetworx offers the largest selection of high-quality recessed fixtures, incorporating industry leading performance, features and efficiency. Standard or sloped ceilings; ambient, task or accent lighting; niches or open spaces; Luminetworx has a solution for every conceivable application.

residential poe led lightingOur recessed fixtures are the favorite of contractors, architects, and lighting designers because they offer feature-rich installation, integrate quietly into ceilings, and present artwork, textures and architectural features at their dramatic best. They set the mood, expand space, and create stunning effects … all the while allowing you to navigate easily throughout the interior of your home. So whether you want your lighting to make a bold statement, provide practical illumination, or both, you need to look no further than Luminetworx superb line of recessed PoE LED lighting products.

Residential PoE LED Lighting Energy efficiency … it just makes Sense

We live in an environment where the specter of global warming threatens our eco-system and our very way of life. That’s why Luminetworx Residential PoE LED recessed fixtures are designed first-and-foremost for optimal energy efficiency. Efficient lighting requires less electrical power, which in turn, contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable habitat for all living things.

Luminetworx leads the way in energy efficiency, PoE LED fixtures that consume as little as 10% of the energy of conventional lighting. All our PoE units provide substantial energy savings compared to standard incandescent lamps. Our most efficient fixtures can help reduce your electric bill thanks to energy-saving light sources and unique construction features. When you install energy efficient residential PoE LED lighting products, you may find that you qualify for valuable rebates from your local utility company.

Saving energy makes sense for our planet … and your pocketbook. But not just ongoing savings, the Luminetworx residential PoE LED lighting system is cheaper at time of install. You can expect a 35% savings on installation costs over traditional LED lighting. Additionally all Luminetworx installations include full lighting controls and power redundancy.


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