At LV Energy Systems our top rated PoE Lighting is at the forefront of smart building technology. We strive to provide innovative solutions to our clients in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Let us help carry your business into the future with innovative smart building technologies like the Power over Ethernet lighting from a Luminetworx™, Building Automation powered by Olympus™ and smart pole technologies.

What is LED PoE Lighting Technology?

As a top rated PoE Lighting technology company we can explain that LED PoE Lighting Technology is fully networked lighting at an infrastructure level. What does this mean to cutting edge businesses? Increased efficiency and control resulting in greater potential for cost savings! Every energy lighting control function is built in with a incremental granularity, making every component individually addressable and highly customizable to meet your needs.

The very nature of LED lighting combined with the efficiency of Power-over-Ethernet networking can produce a sum far greater than each individual part. This combination is an incredible leap from the standard and quickly aging “industry standard.”

Power-over-Ethernet provides the DC low voltage power that the LEDs need, and through LED PoE lighting, it’s delivered via a simple, everyday Ethernet cable. This game changing networking opens up a whole new realm of efficiency for smart building companies. We are no longer beholden to the traditional electrical infrastructure or even the lighting circuits that prevent intelligent control.

In today’s world being able to combine, sustainability, energy efficiency, and savings is not always easy. However, with the help of a top rated LED PoE lighting company cutting edge businesses will be able to have their cake and eat it too.

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At LV Energy Systems we pride ourselves on being at the forefront in designing and engineering of integrative technology. We want to help companies stay at the razors edge of innovation, while increasing efficiency, sustainability, and customizability, while also cutting costs. Power-over-Ethernet Lighting can consolidate your business’s lighting infrastructure and give you the kind of cost-saving control that has been unprecedented in this field until now.

For more information on how you can take your first steps to a “brighter future” contact us today.

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