The Benefits of PoE, is one way to save money in buildings such as schools, hospitals, office spaces or a home? The answer can be as simple as lighting. There have been many advancements in lighting through the years, and LV Energy Systems, is emerging at the forefront of Power over Ethernet lighting technology.

To understand the benefits of PoE lighting, it helps to review the basics: What is PoE, and how does PoE work?

What is PoE Technology?

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet and refers to the ability to use an Ethernet cord to carry network data and electrical power to whatever is connected. One common use of the Ethernet cord is to connect it to a computer or laptop to send and receive network data which forms the basis of an internet connection.

Typically, Ethernet cords were not used to power lighting devices as the power demands for lights were too much for the cord to transmit. However,The Benefits of PoE lighting has evolved and the rise of LED s has made lights so energy efficient that one Ethernet cord can power and control multiple light fixtures at once.

How Power over Ethernet technology works with LV Energy Systems Luminetworx brand POE LED. Once the Luminetworx hardware is set up, the each fixture acts as an intelligent lighting end point and receiving power and data from the network POE switch . As light fixtures and devices are connected to the network, the Luminetworx system automatically discovers and reports those devices back to the Wiz software for easy plug-and-play functionality. Once identified, each device receives an IP address from the local network to simplify installation and make custom configurations easy. From there, the Wiz Lighting Platform can be used to customize, control, and learn from the connected devices.

The Benefits of Power over Ethernet Technology

Initially, one may wonder why they should adopt PoE lighting when LED s provide significant power savings immediately. In general, the top PoE benefits include:

Further cost savings

Installation of PoE LED s is cheaper than traditional electrical work, operating costs are lower over the course of the PoE LED lifetime, and data collected can help with decisions to save costs without sacrificing lighting quality for occupants. 

Easy, low-voltage installation

Because PoE voltages are typically less than 60 volts, they don’t need conduit or metal cladding which in turn helps increase the speed of installations, decreases the hazards of typical electrical work and dramatically reduces the overall cost of installation.

Enhanced control and flexibility

Once installed, PoE LED controlled lights can be moved quickly and reconnected to a new PoE system and immediately begin working again. Additionally, by having devices connected to a cord that also provides network data, one can use an application to manage and control large spaces to create custom commands that can be executed as needed.

Data analytics

Since data travels both ways, PoE LED lighting software not only sends data and commands, but also collects data to provide deeper insights, further cost savings, and opportunities to enhance the lighting environment for occupants.

Social benefits

In addition to making good business sense, PoE LED lighting can provide further benefits to a building’s occupants by optimizing lighting levels, balancing light colors and enhancing safety. Furthermore, PoE LED lighting platforms dramatically decrease energy demands from lights and devices connected to the PoE system, providing environmental benefits while minimizing a building’s exposure to energy cost fluctuations.

Robust, secure, and reliable

Unlike devices reliant on wireless technology, the Ethernet cord allows for significant flexibility while maintaining a connected system. This eliminates the risk of wireless disruptions and allows for additional security features to be applied to the system.

Advantages of Luminetworx PoE LED Technology

All basic, functional PoE systems should provide these benefits to users at a minimum. LV Energy Systems continues to work to be on the forefront of this technology, meaning that there are additional benefits to using the Luminetworx Lighting Platform:

Tune-able White Lighting

To have a white-tune-able environment means that the lights are adjustable on a scale of warm, neutral, and cool lighting. Using the right balance of warm and cool lighting, building owners can help boost productivity, optimize shopping environments, enhance learning environments, and improve patient outcomes and recoveries.

Emergency Lighting Support

Using Luminetworx technology, administrators can designate emergency lights within the Wiz software that are served by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is a device that allows a computer to keep running for a short amount of time when its primary power source is lost. What does this all mean? In the event of a power failure, the Luminetworx POE LED Lighting system would not lose communication with the designated emergency lights. When that disruption occurs, the designated emergency lights will remain in operation as if no power outage had occurred.

Ongoing Service & Support

Software updates are pushed automatically to ensure the highest security protections and analytics capabilities at all times. Technology support exists to ensure a quality product experience. Furthermore, LV Energy Systems believes in in the importance of building personal relationships with those who work alongside the company as partners and customers.

The Power of Luminetworx PoE Lighting Technology

Power over Ethernet lighting is quickly gaining momentum in the marketplace because the benefits are so compelling. Don’t get left behind: Learn more or request a demo about how an LV Energy Systems Authorized re-seller can make your building intelligent with their easy-to-use PoE LED technology.


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