PoE Smart Lighting doesn’t require the installation of high-voltage, AC power wiring to operate; instead, they can use cost-effective Ethernet cables to power and control brightness and color temperature. By using POE networking equipment for your lighting system, you experience major installation cost reductions and ongoing energy savings. Because PoE LED lighting runs on the network, it can be integrated with other technology systems – both new and existing – to transmit data about occupancy, climate, traffic patterns, etc.

Network Lighting Control

PoE allows each LED light fixture in your facility to act as a standard plug-and-play device (using an RJ45 connector) with its own individually smart lightingaddressable IP address – no electrician is needed for installation. Each fixture can be independently controlled and managed remotely through the ip network. Sensors in the PoE Smart Lighting System create a truly smart lighting system that collects information about the environment and communicates it back to a controller so that adjustments can be made in real time.  

Emergency-Light Planning

Because PoE Smart Lighting is connected to your network, it can integrate with other building systems, like your emergency and exit lighting. If a fire alarm inside your facility is pulled, the lighting system can be designed to automatically illuminate the pathways leading toward the closest and safest exit. Based upon the events occurring inside the building, the illuminated pathways can change in real time to communicate up-to-date exit information. In place of a specialized, secondary emergency lighting system, PoE LEDs can provide important emergency lighting during a power outage. 

Color Temperature Control

PoE LED lighting systems allow color-temperature adjustments – from warm to neutral to cool – to be made with the simple push of a button. This can provide greater flexibility in work areas, increase occupant satisfaction, improve visual comfort and productivity, and help you achieve nearly any color of white for the ambiance you’re looking for. 

AV and Security Integration

By integrating PoE lighting systems with your Audio Visual and security/life safety systems, you can reach new levels of control and customization. In conference rooms and boardrooms, lighting levels can automatically adjust based on what’s happening inside (a video conference, use of a projector, etc.). Room users can set individual lighting preferences so the room can adjust lights accordingly when that user books the space. When integrated with fire and security systems, lights can come on or turn off in certain areas based upon activity and alerts. PoE lighting system sensors can also help identify the location of occupants during an emergency through the use of motion and heat sensors.

Energy Management

LEDs are much more efficient than other types of lighting, which reduces your energy costs from the very start. But PoE Smart Lighting is even more energy efficient, minimizing the inefficient power-conversion stages that occur in a traditional AC-powered environment for LED lights. To better understand how space is being used, energy consumption per fixture can be monitored, along with lighting energy usage on specific floors or certain areas of a building. Integrated sensors can further control lighting expenses by dimming lamps during certain times of day, or turning them on and off according to occupancy levels. 

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