PoE Lighting USA

Luminetworx™ a north american based PoE Lighting USA company. Headquartered in Las Vegas, LV Energy Systems is a technology company that manufactures PoE technology. We hold patents for several PoE based technologies in the energy conservation industry.

LV Energy Systems, as an energy cost reduction company, manufactures and distributes cutting-edge disruptivePoE Lighting USA technologies in the energy sector.  Our Commercial Solar solutions will help your organization save big on soaring energy costs. At LV Energy Systems,  “being-green” is our number one priority – though we’ve been taking a different approach.  While the sun represents a tremendous resource for alternative energy, we  understand that it is not always a viable solution. And while developers in the solar industry continue to develop better panels to capture more rays, we’ve been spending our time developing a way to reduce consumption all together.  Let’s face it – even the finest PV panels are only supplementing the grid.  LV has been hard at work developing technologies PoE Lighting USA to reduce grid reliance permanently with considerable savings.

The worldwide green initiative is quickly transitioning from an environmentally conscious option to a global standard.  Legislation is not only being written but upheld the world over.  New legislation in the United States will soon require commercial developers to follow stringent power requirements and an ever shrinking grid utility budget.

PoE Lighting USA

Whether you’re a commercial developer, a private business owner or a public entity, LV can help you reduce your grid reliance and reduce your energy spend permanently – without having to replace the source with the sun.  Introducing Luminetworx, LV’s own POE LED Technology  Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting USA, drastically reduces the cost of lighting-based electrical consumption by up to 80 percent or more.  And whether you’re a local shop with a few thousand feet of retail space, an office, a warehouse, an entire building like a hospital or even a campus or city – look no further than Luminetworx.  We don’t require millions of square feet – we’re here to help – no matter your size.

If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx PoE Lighting Solution contact us now.

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