PoE Lighting Texas  enables the transmission of power using a single Category cable. Facilitating digital communication with the lighting system and the integration into building automation systems. With PoE lighting California, the lights are connected to the building’s digital infrastructure. The lights and other building systems like HVAC, sensors, alarms and security, become a single managed system, providing benefits such as:

  • Reduced building operating costs and energy use.
  • Increased systems control
  • Integrated view of the facility’s energy usage
  • Compatable to the next generation of technical innovations


The lighting industry has undergone major changes in the past decade by highlyPoE Lighting Texas efficient lighting systems. With applications in commercial as well as residential markets. Additional transformations continue to unfold which will revolutionize how we control lighting. By allowing the lighting systems to be part of the Internet of IoT.

Today’s PoE lighting systems provide high efficiency and power savings opportunities in industrial and residential buildings. By adding temperature, humidity, and image sensors to the lighting fixtures, consumers can monitor room temperature, humidity, and room occupancy. By adding connectivity to these solutions, end-users can now track all the information on the Olympus B.A.S allowing for real-time adjustments for improved efficiency, comfort, and safety.


What is the role of PoE lighting Texas in an intelligent building?

The digital nature of PoE lighting technology brings illumination and IT together. Allowing the lighting systems to be a part of the Internet of Things. PoE Lighting Texas uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology into as an ideal way to support efficiencies across an intelligent building ecosystem.

Get the Best in PoE Lighting with the Luminetwox™ PoE Lighting System Powered by Olympus™ B.A.S

After close to two decades of focusing on building infrastructure energy efficiency, attention is shifting to intelligent PoE lighting and technologies that leverage IoT. The availability of low-cost of LEDs, sensors make it possible to embed network connectivity into every PoE lighting fixture. Because the entire system is powered and controlled over a, network-enabled device we can provide any user access and building automation control over the entire system.

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