IoT: PoE Lighting Georgia

The Internet isn’t just for people anymore enter PoE Lighting Georgia.  There are more devices operating autonomously on the Internet than there are people.  So what kinds of “things” are on the Internet?  Among others, include telephones, cameras, security devices, wireless access points, smart doorbells, refrigerators, and even a connected toilet seats that tracks the user’s blood pressure.  Undoutably many more devices will feature Internet connectivity as the technology develops.

Connected Lighting

One of the most useful technologies in the IoT is PoE lighting Georgia. The luminaires themselves arePoE Lighting Georgia connected to the Internet, so that they can respond to signals from other devices on the Internet. Light switches, dimmers, occupancy detectors, light meters, and smart window shades can now all share data to provide more convenience for the occupant as well as more efficient use of energy.


The Luminetworx™ brand is managed by Olympus™ .  We are proud to be US based and an employer of 100+ jobs throughout the country. For over 15 years, LV Energy Systems has been installing and developing  an array of PoE products and continues being on the leading edge of PoE innovative technology and product development.

PoE Lighting Georgia gives end-users transparency and control across the entire lighting network saving time and money. The Luminetworx™ smart PoE lighting control systems allows access to manage lights as part of a larger intelligent building system. The Olympus platforms interfaces with existing building management systems and can be accessed along with other control systems. The other beautiful thing about a B.A.S is that the vendor is responsible for maintaining and updating the software, firmware and other technical maintenance. All the end-user needs to do is long on.

Luminetworx™ is an automated platform based PoE lighting and powered by the Olympus B.A.S. It combines intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE) drivers, lighting fixtures, sensors, wall switches, Ethernet switches, area controllers, and cloud-based applications into a fully integrated solutions. An onsite controllers act as security and provisioning gateway for the systems, which uses a modular architecture, including PoE Lighting Georgia, to ensure that any LED light that supports the Luminetworx™ ecosystem  works.


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