PoE Lighting Arkansas is a standard that enables Ethernet cables to transmit power by using a network cable. This allows greater flexibility for network installers and system integration, capable of providing power to devices in locations that lack electrical circuitry, as you are not dependent on electrical mains outlets or other power sources.

PoE Lighting eliminates the expense of installing additional electrical wiring and requiring professional electrical installers. Although recently many electrical contractors are taking note of the vast advantages of PoE Lighting Arkansas and are aadopting the technology. To ensure that strict local regulations are followed qualified installers should be consulted.
PoE Lighting Arkansas Power over Ethernet (PoE) based LED lighting technology enables customizablePoE Lighting Arkansas environments and has been best suited for modern workspaces, data centres, retail, education & healthcare segments. Until now, LV Energy Systems has developed specislized installation method that has brought the cost of entry down allowing for the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting system to be an ideal solution for residential installations.
Optionional distributed & centralised installation architectures, allow flexibility to either mount the related switches in the ceiling or in an IDF/ electrical room. Powered by Olympus™ the PoE lighting system allows for complete control and automation of every aspect of your lighting.

Reduce Carbon

Deploying PoE technology leads to an 80% reduction in embodied carbon as we strive for sustainability and a low-carbon future.

Lower Material

Based on our independent Life Cycle carbon analysis case studies, installing PoE technology yields a 50% reduction in cabling & containment.

Installation Costs

Installation costs on new construction will see a 60% reduction, generated primarily from the quicker and lower cost installation of low voltage category cable, compared to the traditional high voltage wiring.

Safer and esier
to install

By using low voltage category cable, PoE Lighting systems significantly reduce the chance of injury as a result of electric shock. 
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