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LV Energy Systems is breaking barriers in the lighting industry as a PoE LED Manufacturer with our Luminetworx PoE LED lighting system. LV Energy Systems unleashes possibilities never before feasible by using Ethernet cables to power, control, & monitor LED lighting. Luminetworx enables clients to quickly install user customizable LED lighting fixtures. In a networked world and the Internet of Things, Luminetworx is the future of lighting.Poe led Manufacturer

Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity allows for centralized facility management, putting building optimization in the hands of those most suited for the task – IT professionals who hold the keys to the building’s critical data. It’s time to converge your systems, and transform your network cabling into something infinitely more useful. Meet the lighting system that combines the benefits of PoE and LED, providing value far beyond illumination.

As a PoE LED Manufacturer a new generation of LED lighting is born, introducing Luminetworx  Power over Ethernet (PoE) by LV Energy Systems.

LV Energy Systems has over a decade of designing and manufacturing energy efficient systems and is one of the pioneers of PoE Lighting.  Our high quality products, patent pending technology and experience make LV Energy Systems a proven leader in the Power over Ethernet Industry.

LV Energy Systems develops state-of-the-art solutions that merges LED lighting with standards based Ethernet switches directed by software. Luminetworx™ delivers a scalable, secure and flexible system to support innovation in new applications of lighting.

Power over Ethernet Lighting Features

LV Energy Systems unique platform, Lumnetworx™, allows the control of your facility.  The Luminetworx™ system can chart kW consumption, energy savings, and ambient temperature. The Luminetworx™ generates a timeline function which delivers users the event schedules at a glance.

Some additional features of our system:

  • Our sensor indicates direction of traffic
  • Set specific sensor parameters
  • Easily adapt new lighting policies with the push of a button
  • Revolutionary low voltage, emergency back-up, recharging system.

LVES PoE LED Manufacturer 

Luminetworx PoE system :

  • An ETL certified manufacturer
  • East Coast and West Coast Facility & Support
  • End-to-End PoE Solution
  • Team of Engineers and Field support

For more information on how your facility can benefit from PoE Lighting, contact us today.

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