parking garage lighting

Garage and Parking Lot lights are large fixtures that are designed to be rugged and adequately light a space for navigation and safety. Ineffective parking garage and canopy lights will cause blinds spots and light pollution. When choosing a parking garage and parking lot light, it is important to look parking garage lightingfor vibration rated, IP66, wet location and energy efficiency. These lights are intended to have a low profile fixture while providing the necessary illumination for safety. Luminetworx has a myriad of PoE LED lighting solutions specifically for parking garage and Parking Lot applications.

Make your parking garage safergreener, and more secure

Great lighting is essential to delivering a positive user-experience in any garage or parking Lot. The bright, uniform illumination of PoE LED lighting diminishes shadows and improves visibility, helping people feel safer and drivers feel more in control. Lighting on demand and ease of maintenance ensure energy savings and decreased operational costs. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, cost-effective and sustainable solution for your parking garage or Parking Lot.

At LV Energy Systems we know every garage application is unique. To that end our approach is to apply a total space evaluation to understand what you want to accomplish so we can design a lighting solution for the total parking garage space. Choosing from our broad offering of high-performance, energy-efficient PoE LED lighting products, we will select the best fixtures to deliver both interior and exterior lighting for optimum “visibility”, safety and security. All LVES products are supported by pre- and post-sales service and layout assistance.


Need Help With choosing the right garage lights?

We have a dedicated staff of Lighting Professionals that can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your upcoming budgeted lighting project. Contact us now! to see how we can make your parking garage  green.

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