Some may of heard of the recent closure of Igor Tech, after some additional research the news is true. Igor Tech has officially closed it’s doors. As a pioneer in the PoE industry the news of the closure comes as both a shock and with a bit of sadness. The industry will feel the loss of the aditional minds behind the the technology at Igor Tech. We at LV Energy Systems will feel this loss as competition is the fuel that drives our innovation and growth. Igor Tech

Business at this level it is never easy nor simple and it takes a great many to further an industry. We know that others may fall and others will succeed to this we wish nothing but properity and growth in the uncertain future. To those that may faulter we thank you for your contribution to the industry. Everyone involved has played an important role in moving the technology forward and furthering the PoE industry into the future.

To those that think that the PoE industry is but a mere storm that will soon pass. I and everyone whom remains say to you, we are here and we will continue to percervier untill the industry becomes mainstream. So once more I thank Igor Tech for their contribution and for sharing their knowledge and know that those left to continue the strugle will push forward unwaivering in our resolve.



LV Energy Systems

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