fire monitoring system

Fire Monitoring System how it WORKS ?

Fire Monitoring & Alerting System, Hyperion presented by LV Energy Systems. It can monitor any fire alarm control panel (FACP) which is able to generate digital output with all status changes. With the help of the small IoT device (serial server) connected to panel, all outputs is recorded, analyzed and classified by the system within a fraction of second. Based on that information HYPERION reacts and takes appropriate steps to keep you informed and build a complete data set for your facilities so that you can make the best business decisions and focus on only important things.

Fire Monitoring System

The IoT device

At HYPERION we only use the highest quality, certified industrial serial device servers manufactured by MOXA, the unquestioned leader in the industrial automation market. This makes us sure that the solution provided to our clients is

  • secure, tested and certified around the world
  • extremely reliable, industrial grade
  • user friendly, yet advanced
Fire Monitoring System

Fire Monitoring System Dashboard

HYPERION Panel is secure, modern, fast and function rich web application to manage your assets wherever you are. You can monitor what is going on using your preferred web browser – no additional software installation is required, just internet access! It’s not only logs – you can search, filter, define notification rules, access groups, see statistics on graphs and generate reports for specific time ranges, locations, types of events and more.

Fire Monitoring SystemFire Monitoring System

Fire Monitoring & Alerting System for Fire Alarm Panels

Imagine an advanced cloud system where you can see the status of all your panels in real time, regardless of whether you have 1 or 10,000 of them. A system that will send you notification of an incident that you can receive in a split second. A system whereby a service technician will immediately see where and what happened and will be able to immediately go to the site with the right parts and tools.

Corporate Security Teams

With HYPERION all business locations, event those scattered around the world offices, factories, shops, warehouses and garages can be monitored live by the corporate security teams which can keep track of the current status of fire alarm systems and react immediately to any threats, taking security to a whole new level.  Additionally, HYPERION helps to verify the level of services provided by fire alarm maintenance companies.

Fire Service Contractors

Thanks to HYPERION fire and life safety companies providing fire panels maintenance of commercial and residential buildings has access to real time information on the current status of their fire protection systems. They are no longer dependent on the information provided by their clients, nor do they have to carry out physical inspections to know the exact condition of the fire alarm control panel and all of the monitored devices.

What HYPERION can do for YOU?

The connected panels are monitored by the HYPERION system, which ensures that you always know the status of your infrastructure. In addition, you can take advantage of the many other facilities that HYPERION offers you: easy management, a permanent event log, ready-made reports for your clients, aggregated views and much more!

Single Point of Truth

End with the purchasing, installation and maintenance of multiple applications for each panel. As a single point brand-agnostic monitoring system, HYPERION is the last system you need to monitor all your fire alarm panels.

The Analysis

HYPERION is able to analyze, aggregate and communicate it in a clear form information from thousands of panels to help you make the right decision and focus on the right issues.


Improve Insight

With accurate HYPERION messages you know what and where is going on. No more guessing, no more relying on less or more accurate verbal communication.


Reduce Operating Costs

With HYPERION, you know exactly what’s wrong with your fire security installation and your service technician will be able to go immediately with the right parts and tools.


Reduce Response Time

No matter how severe they are, the events in the fire alarm panel are not something you want to miss. With HYPERION real-time monitoring you know something is happening is split second.

Automate Security Tasks

HYPERION API (Application Programming Interface) let you read and respond automatically to any threats reported by the fire alarm panels.

HYPERION Advantages


A cloud-based solution means extra security and more processing power for your business when it is most needed

Mass Notification

Immediate SMS and Email notification when a critical event is detected


Secure, modern, fast and function rich application to manage your assets wherever you are


A powerful cluster database ensures data consistency and fast processing

0.005 sec

End-to-end total signal processing time thanks to custom, state of the art processing engine


All device signals are processed by 2 or more listeners which leads to super high 99.999% availability


In addition to the standard English interface, the system can speak your language too!


We implement the latest technologies so that you can always rely on us


Our services are there where you need! No more processing of your data at the other end of the world


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