Big Opportunities With POE LED Lighting in the ICT Industry abound. POE LED Lighting Connects via common category twisted-pair cabling. The average number of devices per 10,000 sq. feet is 115. POE LED is safe extra-low voltage (SELV) application with no safety risk. PoE provides strategic placement for advanced sensor technologies and other devices (e.g. speakers). PoE supports future Li-Fi where wireless data is sent via light beams. PoE can receive centralized back-up power from the telecom room. LED technology supports different colors to indicate different status for security purposes or aesthetics. So the Big Opportunities With POE LED Lighting and PoE in general are countless and the industry is taking notice.

Big Opportunities With POE LED Lighting

Traditional AC Lighting POE LED Lighting
Conduit, wire and a back box for each Safe low-voltage installation with cabling and connectors
Electrician wage rates Cabling contractor wage rates
Electrical code Established cabling standards
~ $1,000 per light ~ $250 per light

Factors driving lower TCO

• Lower installation costs

• Incremental energy savings

• Future PoE light fixtures will cost less

TCO expected to improve

LED price/performance increase 20% per year

• LED luminosity efficiency will continue to improve


More Cost-Saving Examples!

50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space with 700 lights = $202,750 savings – $25 saved per light for a total of $17,500 – $185,250 saved for PoE structured cabling system vs. traditional AC power

23,000 sq. ft Erie, PA fully integrated intelligent office building = $490,637 savings – Hard-wire/integrate 8 disparate systems = $970,937 – Converged systems = $480,300 – Systems included: HVAC, LV lighting (Infrastructure, controls, reduction of circuit breakers, reduction of conduit), generators, UPS, elevator, access control, utility meters and fire life safety – Possible additional integration and savings: IP video, PoE Computers, clocks, CCTV, time and attendance, battery charges for phones and PDAs, vending machines, point of sale (PoS) and additional HVAC controllers.

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