50,000 Hours. Guaranteed.  We can confidently make that guaranty as our drivers, when powered by our system, simply do not fail.  They do not step-down power or wick it away into the Ether.  Our sine-wave inverters supply our PoE switches with clean, consistent power; and our network switches supply 30W or less per port to each driver.  Our drivers are not prone to the same damaging power as traditional drivers and ballasts.  For this reason, we must use our own.  Your remark about the competitor’s driver is not completely accurate..  True, many manufacturers make a universal TRIAC or ELV-ready dimming driver that accommodates TRIAC or ELV dimmer switches.  But even the major brands, that furnish drivers like ours like ours do not have such universal compatibility.  Take for instance, Signify (Philips) with their Interact Pro platform: (https://www.assets.signify.com/is/content/Signify/Assets/interact/global/20210510-interact-pro-enterprise-system-guide.pdf ) if you follow the link, see pages 42 – 44 for compatible fixtures – Ledalite, Philips and Daybrite are all their own products.  The closest I could find to “universal” would be Acuity nLight, but they require nLight enabled luminaires, environmental sensors and smart dimmer switches.  And while they make compatibility drivers, the interop isn’t as easy as plug and play so it’s not as easy as a quick swap.  

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