Well, we have several layers of redundancy built into the PoE lighting system. Some are best practices to perform during the installation while others where built in while the system was being designed. Let’s start with power redundancy, This can easily be accomplished with the use of an inverter or even a UPS with battery packs. Additionally alternating the PoE switch and UPS/inverter for each light in a zone allows for a level of redundancy at a macro level. Connectivity, Luminetworx has built redundancy into the core of the PoE driver. Once a luminetworx™ PoE driver is paired to the cloud server the server now sends base configurations to the driver so that in the event that the internet or the local WIFI at the site goes down the PoE lighting system will continue to function as intended. We have also recently added a local microcontroller (Olympus Onsite Controller) as an additional redundancy for more advanced configurations.

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