That is a great question and a complicated and yet simple one to answer. LV Energy Systems is capable of installing lighting up to 2000′ from the PoE switch. Now most will say this impossible and if you were talking about traditional high voltage lighting then yes. But here is what happens as you try to run traditional line voltage at these distances. First the thickness of the cable would have to be quite large and this is due to “skin effect”. What is skin effect? AC or alternating current, for sake of simplicity turns on and off very quickly to either 50 or 60hz depending on what country you live in. That causes the electricity to flow on the outer surface of the copper cable leaving the core of the cable unused. Therefore the further you want to extend the cable the larger the cable diameter must be in order to deliver the appropriate voltage without voltage drop. DC voltage does not suffer from “skin effect” therefore it is able to use the entire copper cable. So although the wire is much thinner it uses it in its entirety and allows the power to flow greater distances ( very simplified answer) .

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