First of all , discontinuing a housing/model that’s a focus model for a big client or a standing order with a distributor would be counterintuitive.   Secondly, if we did [discontinue a focus product], and the replacement was designed for Cat7 or Cat8 (for a reason that has yet to present itself), we would undoubtedly ensure that its replacement would be backward compatible with Cat6.   As you’re talking to the manufacturer, you can count on it.  As to whether the system is universal – it is not; not yet anyway so there are a limited number of third-party OEM integrations at this point.  But we do already have some.  We’re technology partners with Vertiv/Liebert, Tripp Lite/Eaton and others.  We have controls interop with certain Philips lighting products like many of their A19 smart bulbs; and for fixtures that are not compatible, that must run on 120-277, we have a retrofit connector that allows us to control On/Off/Dim and incorporate that fixture into scenes/zones through our controls platform.  To take it a step further, our BMS, Olympus is designed for the specific purpose of integrating with other OEM’s building systems to control and monitor all systems from a single dashboard.  Finally – to answer your example about PoE switches – we use our proprietary switch, the Luminetworx™ GigaLyte-24. The GigaLyte has a power budget of 1KVA. If you can find a comparable switch with a similar power budget that uses the same power distribution standards that’s as cost-effective, and you want to use that to power the lighting, you may.  But you will not be able to use the self healing features that are being implemented into the Olympus lighting control system.

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