PoE Recessed Light 3 Pack



PoE Light UK PoE Recessed Lighting 3 Pack are designed for performance and built to last, the Luminetworx? line of PoE recessed lighting offers a complete line of innovative energy saving. Our
products will outperform and out live similar products. PoE Lighting allows you to deliver your projects on time and under budget. Includes a 3 pack of fixtures and PoE driver.

  1. Upto 70% cheaper to install than traditional high voltage led lighting.
  2. 50% less cable required for installation.
  3. Ongoing energy savings.
  4. Lower cost of maintenance.

Your home or office sees a lot of daily traffic. It should be safe, well lit, and comfortable for everyone, whether members of the household or their guests. A single light source might not do the trick for a larger space, and the wrong type of light could create unmanageable glare and hassle in your routine. Each space is different and unique, but there are a few interior design standards that take some of the mystery out of turning your space into the perfect room. But the benefits don?t stop there, your clients will absolutely love the ongoing savings on both on energy consumption and maintenance.



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