Luminetworx PoE Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Luminetworx PoE Bathroom Exhaust fan, what exactly is it? The PoE Bathroom Exhaust fan is part of the PoE Ceiling™ family of products whose goal is to eliminate high voltage (110-240VAC) from theluminetworx bathroom exhaust fan plenum space (commercial development) and or attic in residential duelings while reducing the amount of energy consumed. LV Energy Systems has developed a bathroom exhaust fan that is powered by power over ethernet and controlled in much the same way as the Luminetworx PoE lighting system.

The Luminetworx Bathroom Exhaust Fan is powered by the Luminetworx 1000 Watt UPoE network switch providing consistent and reliable power to the ceiling fan. Each fan is controllable via the Luminetworx lighting control system or the Luminetworx in wall light switch with 4 different one touch speed presets.

It’s important to keep stale and humid air out of the most essential rooms in our home or office. That’s why the LV Energy Systems bathroom exhaust fans is built to fit all of your needs. When shopping for a ventilation fan you should consider the room size, sound level and light options.

To get started consider the size of the space you need ventilated. Once you know that you need a ventilation fan that will cover a small, medium or large range of square feet, you should determine the sound level, fan style and features you’d like to have. Remember that larger spaces will need more powerful ventilation to help filter out humid air, mold, mildew, dust, odors and chemicals from the room.

Any ceiling fan can make your home or office home more comfortable, but the innovative designs and pioneering technology of Luminetworx bathroom exhaust fans breathe new life into your building infrastructure with innovative technologies to help you achieve the highest energy efficiency possible. Quality matters, especially when it comes to the air quality in your home or office. In order to bring you the best products possible, Luminetworx fans undergo comprehensive testing before they ever get to our customers.  At LV Energy Systems we don’t compromise when it comes to making bathroom exhaust fans with best-in-class performance, style and reliability. At LV Energy Systems we believe in creating sustainable technologies to power our homes and offices well into the future.

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