Changing the fixture icon on the app.

Changing the name of a fixture.

Changing the brightness of a fixture.


What is a Scene?

How to create a scene.

How to edit a scene.

How to play a scene.

How to share a scene.


What is a rhythm?

Circadian Rhythm

Rhythm vs. Schedule

Enabling Rhythms

Creating Custom Rhythms

Deleting Rhythms

Scheduled Events

Creating Event Schedule

Enabling Or Disabling Existing Events

Editing Or Deleting A Scheduled Events

Scheduling Events – Special Cases

Vacation Mode

Rooms and Groups

Using Several Locations

Deleting / Leaving a Location

Creating a Room

Selecting Room Type

Renaming or Deleting a Room

Re-ordering Rooms

Editing Fade-in and Fade-out Settings for all the Lights of a Room 

Re-ordering Lights Within a Room

Re-ordering Groups Within a Room

Groups Explained

Creating a Group 

Adding More Lights to a Group

Removing a Light from a Group or Deleting a Group

Re-ordering Lights Within a Group

Renaming a Group

Alexa Integration

Setting Up Amazon Alexa

Using Amazon Alexa

Amazon Accounts And WiZ Accounts

Mulitple Locations And Amazon Alexa

Unlinking Of Amazon Alexa

Google Integration

Setting Up Google Assistant

Setting Up Google

Using Google Home To Control Your Lights

Multiple Locations And Google Home

Unlinking Google Home

Siri Integration

Creating A Siri Shortcut For A Scene

Editing Or Deleting a Siri Shortcut For A Scene

Integration: Samsung Smart Things

Setting up the Smart Thinks Integration

Smart Things and Multiple Wiz Homes 

What Can I do With Smart Things and Wiz Lights

Deleting the Smart Things Integration

IFTTT Integration 

Setting Up IFTTT For WiZ

Using IFTTT To Control WiZ Lights

IFTTT and Multiple Wiz Homes

Unlinking of IFTTT 

General Overview

Luminetworx Warranty

What type of networks does Luminetworx support?

Luminetworx License Agreement

What is the Luminetworx Re-seller Program?

What are the responsibilities of the re-seller?

What restrictions do I have as a re-seller?

Do re-sellers receive a discount on Luminetworx products?

How much money can I make as a Luminetworx re-seller?

What features are available to the re-seller?

Billing Questions

Who is responsible for billing the end customer?

Does LV Energy Systems provide bulk billing?

What types of payments does LV Energy Systems accept?

Will I get a notice when my accounts are due to be billed?

Support Questions

What is the support policy for re-sellers?

What type of support do I receive as a re-seller?

Tax Questions

Tax Deductions

Tax Incentives by State